Our legacy lies in Germany

Institute of Culinary Arts

With the “ICA” , the Institute of Culinary Arts and its Foundation, 14 years after its establishment, we are the leading executive foodservice industry network in Germany.

Executive Network

The ICA Executive Network is a strong community of over 350 members, which sets standards as a network platform.

Guiding principles

The ICA Executive Network promotes and connects people, with the aim of carrying the responsibility for our nutrition. We oversee socially relevant issues from gastronomy, culinary arts and commerce.

ICA Foundation

The “ICA Foundation”, as a higher body, defines and steers the relevant issues. It never loses sight of what is most important: the future. The ICA Foundation works charitably and promotes integration and inclusion.

Our goals

By listening to our current ICA members in Germany and many talks within our global network we
identified greater demand and need for cross boarder and cross channel connectivity within the
away of home foodservice industry. About our first foreign offices as bridgeheads, we will be a powerful player in all relevant markets, through which we become the leading executive network in the food service industry worldwide.
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Why go international?

Global convergence

A high degree of global convergence is increasingly apparent to the foodservice industry. ICA International will deliver a true global platform for industry executives within the foodservice industry.

Longterm success

We will connect thought leaders and their corporate entreprises to explore answers for the most important questions for the future of our industry. We know that skilled leadership is essential for survival and longterm success. We will customize executive training that advances foodservice leaders and shapes industry innovators.


According to the DNA of the German ICA network, learning from each other is an opportunity to take valuable know-how from international regions and markets for your own business.

Globalization is key

Exploring new markets and tiering down walls of old school silo and therefore traditional channel thinking by using the synergies of different global organizations by ramping up a cross channel and cross border network is the ultimate goal of ICA International.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Steps to success


Actual market data will be provided to the members via the ICA partners NPD and EHI


ICA International members will be able to participate at 2 dedicated international executive networks events per annum


ICA International members will be able to participate at the NACS Convenience Leaders Exchange in Hamburg every January


ICA International members will be offered to participate at dedicated executive learning modules via the ICA International Academy

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Disruption by design

Citing today's channel-blurred environment for the foodservice industry — from grocery initiatives to gas station restaurant initiatives — we are pointing out that the foodservice operators and suppliers can learn from these "disruptors" because they are now, increasingly so, a direct competitor/customer to traditional foodservice operators/suppliers.

Learning through cooperation

Tearing down still existing walls between former separated sales channels and country borders to gaining faster learning curve effects and improve the knowledge of nowadays much faster changing consumer behavior is therefore the ICA International mission.

Seizing new opportunities


ICA International members will have the opportunity to meet their executive peers from different countries three time each year.


ICA International members will have the opportunity to use the ICA International bridgehead offices to enter new markets


ICA International members will gain a sustainable competitive advantage by enlarging their personal networks and know how

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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

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