Martin R. Smura

Smura ICA

ICA Beiratsmitglied

ICA Netzwerkmitglied

Position: Chairman of the Board

Unternehmen: MRP Hotels – Austria Germany Switzerland Turkey

Position: Aufsichtsratsmitglied

Unternehmen: Dorint Hotels & Resorts




MRP Hotel Consult today is one of the well-established Consulting firms in the field and has an impressive track record. Since more than 10 Years we do the asset management for the Fundus Group with well-known assets like the Hotel Adlon  in Berlin. I am still today major shareholder of MRP Hotels and act as the Chairman of the Company.


I also did also start several other business ventures all related with the Hospitality Industry, for example  Martinez Hotels and Resorts, Castlewood Hotels and Resort, The Bell Captain


Hotel Service Company, and most recently the Palmarium Hotel Trust based in Luxemburg and Switzerland.