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Has the green light been given?
Here you can find all information regarding qualification opportunities for your career in the gastronomical industry.


A career start and professional qualification in cooking and service? With us, it’s no problem. We will get you ready for the kitchen and service. Entry is possible without prior experience or training and up to 100% funding is available.

A compact, intensive workshop provides the foundations of practical kitchen skills and know-how. Entry without prior knowledge? No problem. Learn more

You already work in a kitchen, or simply want to learn more about cooking? Start here. With our professional qualification, you can learn everything important about merchandising, working processes, cooking methods and much more. Learn mor

You have already been working in a kitchen for more than three years and would like to complete training to become a qualified Chef? We prepare you for the external qualification examination with the IHK. More information about this will follow shortly.

You have successfully completed our ICA Junior Chef course and would now like to complete a qualification to become a Chef? We help you to prepare for the external IHK exam with a preparatory course. More information about this will follow shortly.

A compact, intensive workshop provides the foundations of service and hosting. Entrance without prior experience? No problem. More information about this will follow shortly.

You already work in the service industry? Then begin here with our professional qualification. As well as the basics, you will learn everything important to delight your guests and to work together as a team with your colleagues. More information about this will follow shortly.


Different branches have different demands. Therefore, we have developed branch-specific qualifications for those in management roles, with perspectives for a successful career in branches, which have particular challenges.

Standards from the food-service industry can positively impact production and process operations in bakery sales. With the further development program, which has been developed especially for those in management roles or those training to take on management roles, you can begin. More information about this will follow shortly.

A career at the gas station? Of course! We have developed a program for the increasing challenges in the workplace at gas stations, which gets you fit for the growing complexity of tasks, and which creates perspectives. More information about this will follow shortly.


This initiative of the ICA is an image and traineeship platform, which has so far not existed in the gastronomical industry. It is carried by leading companies of one industry and is free of charge for the company, as well as the applicants.

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Simon Kolar, also known on Instagram as simonderkoch, is the head of the Guerilla Chefs. Highly motivated and creative Guerilla-Heads Germany-wide are a part of this team, which calls itself the #guerillafam. Cooking is more than just a job for every Guerilla. Every one of them lives for it and together they have taken on the task of motivating even more people to do it.

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