In the beginning, there was fire

To me, gastronomy and culinary arts mean passion. Furthermore, they are deeply rooted in our cultural history and, in many ways, define the image of societies throughout the world. After all, culinary experiences count for many of us as some of the most exciting moments we have whilst travelling. Through eating together, we learn the most about people and their cultures.

Everything began with the domination of fire. From this arose the need for preservation. The guardian of the flames ensured the well-being of the community. Fire was the beginning of food, which was prepared and experienced together; the beginning of society and culture. Hosting guests, the original form of gastronomy, had important social functions: From a historical viewpoint, a feast was as much an expression of shared joy and reverence as a ritual to calm conflicts. Sometimes, a social exchange is simply desired.

Communication is the key to shaping the future. Eating as a community is the most valuable basis for a successful exchange. Industrialisation and individualisation have, in large part, taken away the central social and cultural functions of culinary arts. Eating often appears to be functional; it becomes a pure physical necessity. Gastronomical experiences are frequently only the smallest part of laboriously designed leisure programmes.

In my view, it is therefore time to think about gastronomy and culinary arts in a new way – for today and the future! Through the Institute of Culinary Arts, “ICA”, we embody and communicate these values. We provide a wonderful craft – catering for guests -with a suitably valued place in our society. Particularly, considering that the service as a personal experience, which is the heart of gastronomy, will gain meaning in other branches in the future, wherever people consciously engage with selecting good food as they shop. With the “ICA” and its Foundation, 14 years after its establishment, we are the leading industry network in Germany and are on the right path to achieving this.

Feel highly welcome to share my excitement and passion. With you in our company, the flame of the “ICA“ shines brighter.


Gerhard Bruder

The ICA Foundation promotes and connects people, with the aim of carrying the responsibility for our nutrition. We oversee socially relevant issues from gastronomy, culinary arts and commerce.

We are shaping the future of the industry

How will our society be in the future?

Which consequences will this have for the gastronomical industry? Which role is played by digitalisation, automation, virtual reality and emotions?

How will consumers behave in the future? What will they expect from the food service industry?

What influence will individualisation have, the desire for one’s own creativity? What impact will “sharing”, rather than “ownership”, have?

How will the economics of nutrition be in the future?

What consequences will this have for availability, sustainability and health?

Which requirements will professionals have in the future?

What will be their expectations and what will be expected of them? What does this mean for the shape of the educational and working world? How will the good tradition of the craft connect with the necessary requirements of the future?

We are shaping the future of the industry

The “ICA Foundation”, as a higher body, defines and steers the relevant issues. It never loses sight of what is most important: the future.

Since its establishment, the Institute of Culinary Arts has consistently concerned itself with its biggest aim; enthusing people for gastronomy. This means awakening passion for culinary arts, creating attractive career opportunities with innovative further education models for young talents and offering a platform for businesses to exchange ideas.
Today, the ”ICA Network” is the leading industry network in Germany and has become a solid institution.

The deficit of skilled professionals is the main issue facing us today. We act against this, as we know the expectations of future employees, and we take them seriously.

The ICA Foundation works charitably and promotes integration and inclusion.
Achieving something great together

ICA Executive Network

  • In the Executive Network, the who’s who of the gastronomical and food industry regularly come together.
  • With clear values and the aim of sustainably improving the conditions for those who work in our industry.
  • The intensive, trusting and long-term contact between members stands for an open and creative exchange of ideas, beyond competition.
  • The ICA Executive Network is a strong community of over 350 members, which sets standards as a network platform.
Developing and connecting The next generation of management

ICA Next Generation Network

  • We established the ICA Next Generation Network in 2019. Here, the young management generation shares their views on common issues and provides new impulses for responses to our biggest questions.
  • The ICA builds a bridge between generations of management with the Executive and the Next Generation Network.
  • In the Next Generation Network, the leaders of tomorrow of various branches have the chance to connect, in order to become best prepared for the oncoming challenges of their careers.
We act against the deficit of skilled professionals

ICA Human Resources

  • The Personal Manager Network of the ICA was developed in 2012 as a reaction to the realisation that the biggest challenges for the employers of the food service industry can only be solved through businesses working together.
  • The fluctuating attractiveness as employers, as well as the increasing deficit of employees and skilled workers are the causes of economic damage and a loss of image.
  • In order to work against this, the Personal Manager Network faces the relevant questions concerning employee acquisition and retention in an attractive future working environment.
For new perspectives and opportunities


  • Only those who act and engage themselves in the gastronomical industry can have an impact. For this reason, we established the ICA Management Academy in 2006.
  • Hier werden in Zusammenarbeit mit den kompetentesten Bildungsträgern unternehmensindividuelle Bildungskonzepte entwickelt, um sich ganz auf die Anforderungen an die kommende Generation einzustellen und dem Fachkräftemangel entgegenzuwirken.
  • Here, together with the most competent educational institutions, company- specific educational concepts are developed, to fully prepare for the needs of the next generation and to work against the deficit in skilled professionals. Specially developed workshops, flexible study modules and numerous scholarships – these are examples, with which the ICA inspires and promotes talents for our industry. The ICA Academy offers those with qualifications up to a Bachelor‘s degree educational paths towards a variety of management levels.
  • Through these development programmes, potential candidates educate themselves further, achieve higher career goals and the gastronomical industry receives new generations of qualified management on a long-term basis.

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