For young talents, who strive for a career in high-end gastronomy or in the food service industry.
The Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Food Management B.A. combines specialist gastronomical knowledge with management competencies in a unique way. You will learn to tailor current gastronomical concepts and nutritional trends to the wishes of your guests and optimal management of your staff. You are equipped with the curriculum, which covers a broad spectrum – from the foundations of business administration, through kitchen and quality management, to international gastronomy and nutritional concepts, all the way to online media and E-Commerce. The location of the course is the Hochschule Macromedia in Freiburg.


    At the core of the Culinary Arts and Food Management B.A. is professional management in all facets of food service – from gourmet cuisine, through to system and community food service to food and supply industry (for example kitchen equipment, serving systems), to commerce, business consulting and independent management of business.

    The aim of the course is to educate professionals and leaders, who are practically trained, competent in business and specialised for the demands of the industry. This requires, alongside subject and methodical knowledge, a high level of self and social competence. The degree course forms the fundamentals of management positions in the food service industry. In addition to this, it lays the foundation for self-employment in the branch and activity in industries, which border on it, such as supply, commerce or business consultancy.


    Semester 1:
    Academic work | Management concepts and theories | Accounting 1 | Communication Skills |
    Catering Systems
    Semester 2:
    Marketing | Human Resources | Accounting 2 | Project Management | Business English | Kitchen Management

    Semester 3:
    Business Planning | Law | Statistics and Empirical Social Research | Service Management and Service Quality | Quality and Hygiene management

    Semester 4:
    International cuisines and gastronomical concepts | Consumer behaviour | Culinary nutritional
    concepts and menu planning | Community gastronomy | Catering and Banquet Management | Restaurants: Brand Management | Online Media | E-Commerce and CRM | System Gastronomy and Multi-Units Restaurant Management | Product Innovation/ Development

    Semester 5:
    Intercultural Communication | Practical Module recommended with collaborating partner ALMA – La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana in Colorno (Parma)

    Semester 6:
    Bachelor Seminar (Colloquium and Bachelor Thesis) | Entrepreneurship | Current topics in the food service industry


    Culinary Arts Management:

    The organisation of an exclusive catering service through a star restaurant, the conceptualisation of a banquet for 1,000 or more guests, or the development of a marketing strategy for a new gastronomical concept – the responsibilities of a culinary arts manager are diverse. If you want to provide people with an unforgettable evening, or to establish an unmistakable food concept in the market, then the specialty Culinary Arts Management is the right choice for you.

    The specialty Culinary Arts Management offers students an insight into the underlying processes of conceptualisation, planning and processes of professional catering management. Here, employee management and guidance are in particular focus. Conceptual thinking, the ability to develop strategies, together with creativity, a vision for the future and an affinity for online media are further important competencies, which this specialty demands. This is because, after completing this specialty, students should not only be in the position to develop a branding or catering concept for a restaurant, but also to promote this in an attractive way on a website.

    Food Management

    Whether quick and on-the-go, at a rest stop on the motorway, or whilst wandering around a shopping centre– system gastronomy is a dynamic, growth orientated branch, which lies between standardised production and individual service. But the product palette – from burgers, to sushi, through to home-made pasta-  must also constantly develop itself further and anew. For this, it needs minds, who can not only deal with economic figures and competitive strategies, rather who prove to be creative.

    In the specialty Food Management, students can get to know individual segments and different structures of multi-unit restaurants (system gastronomy), amongst other things. The further, broader spectrum of topics in this area reaches from the differing success factors of franchising, to the increasing importance of community food service, to the different phases of product development for the food industry and artisanal food production. In addition to this, the many facets of web-based commerce and the systematic design and upkeep of customer relations are on the curriculum for students specialising in this area.


    Nationally recognised qualification; High level of practice; Possibility of a practical semester in Italy; Acquisition of established business know-how; Established specialist knowledge for the food service industry; Strengthening of personal social and self-competencies.


    Catering manager; Product manager; Independent business owner; District manager of system gastronomy; Manager of quality management; Key-Account manager.


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  • Start: Wintersemester 2019/2020
  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Location: Freiburg
  • Course fees: € 650,00 per month
  • Specialties: Culinary Arts Management, Food Management
  • Prerequisites:   Higher education entrance qualification/ Advanced technological college certificate or equivalent educational qualification; For entrance without high school graduation (Abitur): 2 years of vocational training and 3 years of work experience, as well as successful completion of the entrance exam;For non-German applicants, proof of German competency is required.
  • Additional certification at ALMA:4 month long chef training at ALMA with certification as a Chef of Italian Cuisine.
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Arts
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