With the “ICA” , the Institute of Culinary Arts and its Foundation, 14 years after its establishment, we are the leading food service industry network in Germany.


The ICA Executive Network is a strong community of over 350 members, which sets standards as a network platform.

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In the educational services of the ICA, we qualify our next generation and develop company-specific concepts as an answer to the increasing lack of qualified professionals.

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The ICA Foundation defines our future focus, formulates research projects and provides scholarships to the best talents of our branch.

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Guerilla Chefs are a revolution. They know no conventions. They are bound by the love of cooking and the fun they have together. Here, passion counts. Nothing more. Young cooks and those passionate about cooking, with a flair for creativity, can join them and become a part of this spirit.

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Are you looking for a job in the gastronomical industry, or you want to get further in your career?

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Jobverliebt was founded by the ICA. It is a digital job platform and employer branding platform. Here, leading businesses introduce themselves to potential applicants in our industry.

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Thinking about gastronomy and culinary arts in a new way


We embody and communicate these values. We provide a wonderful craft – catering for guests -with a suitably valued place in our society. Particularly, considering that the service as a personal experience, which is the heart of gastronomy, will gain meaning in other branches in the future, wherever people consciously engage with selecting good food as they shop. With the “ICA” and its Foundation, 14 years after its establishment, we are the leading industry network in Germany and are on the right path to achieving this.

Feel highly welcome to share my excitement and passion. We would be happy to hear from you by phone on

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If you need information about the ICA Academy, you can reach us by phone on

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